Program Screen Shots

MuralPix Manager Window

Main MuralPix Manager window

Here you can specify the list of folders containing images. For each folder the following options can be set:

  • Include subfolders: check the contents of all subfolders of this folder for images
  • Automatically detect changes: guard changes in this folder (including subfolders) and update own list whenever a change is detected.
  • Use for wallpaper: use these images by the wallpaper changer
  • Use for screen saver: use these images by the screen saver

The Browser Window

MuralPix Browser

You can see selected images in the built-in image browser and exclude some of the images from the usage.

The Settings Window

MuralPix Settings

Program settings are ordered in a tree and a short explanation is displayed by each item.

MuralPix Agent

MuralPix agent menu

It is displayed as an icon in the task bar and can be controlled by its pop-up menu.