Download MuralPix

MuralPix can be downloaded in 3 versions, which differ only in number of sample images included, and thus in the size of the package (to download the extended version you should have broadband connection to internet):

  • Minimum version: Contains MuralPix and no sample images
  • Basic version: Contains MuralPix and 5 sample images
  • Extended version: Contains MuralPix and 50 sample images

To download, click on the file name with right mouse button and from the pop-up menu select the option "Save target as...".

Version File Size
1.07 Minimum MuralPix_107_Min.zip 3.0 MBytes
1.07 Basic MuralPix_107.zip 3.9 MBytes
1.07 Extended MuralPix_107_Ext.zip 10.8 MBytes

MuralPix is zipped into one file. After you download it, unzip it to a temporary folder, using for example PkZip, WinZip, or any other program supporting the ZIP format. If you are using built-in unzip facility in Windows ME/XP, be sure you really unzip all the files to another folder; running the Setup program directly from the ZIP archive will result in the program failure.

A set of files appear in the folder after unzipping; find the Setup.exe and run it. The Installation program will guide you through the rest of the installation. After installation the temporary folder can be deleted; the files in it are no more needed. MuralPix can be uninstalled by the uninstall program, available in menu Start->Settings->Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs.

MuralPix is designed as multilingual (with the exception of Help, which is always in English). Besides English, the following languages are supported: Spanish, German, Czech, Russian.

MuralPix is free for personal use, however, if you find the program useful, I will appreciate a small donation.