Revision History

Version 1.07

  • MuralPix was converted to freeware, the notification about expiration was removed.

Version 1.06

  • Added option to display full path to displayed file name.
  • Fixed issues around icon text with a shadow in Windows XP.
  • When EXIF is available, DateTimeOriginal or DateTime from EXIF is used for displaying the image date.
  • Added new images to the library of images.

Version 1.05

  • The inaccessible image files were automatically marked as "do not use" in the database. This lead to the problem, that when the files became unavailable temporarily (for example files placed on network drive) they were permanently marked as "do not use". Fixed.
  • In case all the files were marked as "do not use", the flags indicating image usage became wrong. Fixed.
  • In Windows XP when no theme was used (classic view), the text under icons did not have transparent background. Fixed.

Version 1.04

  • Added new textures for frame background.
  • On some graphic adapters problem with disturbed icons appeared - fixed.
  • Blocking programs are now detected by file names of programs, not only by windows captions. This allows easier identification of the blocking program.
  • Calendar is repainted if date changes even when no wallpaper change is set.
  • Enabled interval of 1 minute for changing the wallpaper.

Version 1.03

  • The frame was sometimes cutting a small part of the image - fixed.
  • Blocking the Agent from menu did not block the screen saver - fixed.
  • Added support for textures used in the frame background.
  • Removed the Fast Config dialog.
  • Folders are automatically checked at the program startup.

Version 1.02

  • Added EXIF reading and automatic rotation of images, i.e. the images, which have information about their orientation in the EXIF are rotated automatically.
  • Corrected problem of displaying calendar month and day names in Windows 98.
  • Added German and Spanish.

Version 1.01

  • Fixed bug causing screen saver exchange stopped after exhausting all images (when also images for wallpaper changer were specified).

Version 1.00

  • First release in July 2004.