Frequently Asked Questions

MuralPix sets the color format of the screen to 256 colors.

This is not a feature of MuralPix, but there were cases when MuralPix programs were marked with compatibility flags, causing this behavior. Who is the guilty for this is not known yet, it is probably some stupid system optimalization utility.

You can fix the problem by the following procedure: Open the folder with MuralPix programs by Windows Explorer - these are usually located at: C:\Program Files\MuralPix. There you click with right mouse button on the file MpManag.exe and select "Properties", the "Compatibility" tab and there uncheck all check boxes - namely the check box "Run in 256 colors mode". Do the same with MpAgent.exe.

If someone finds out which application causes marking MuralPix by this flag, I will be glad for any ifo.