Download the Time Stamp Modifier

To download, click on the file name with right mouse button and from the pop-up menu select the option "Save target as...".

File Size
JpgTime_122.zip 398 kBytes

The program need not be installed. Simply unpack it to some folder and run it.

For unpacking use for example PkZip, WinZip, or any other program supporting the ZIP format. If you are using built-in unzip facility in Windows ME/XP, be sure you really unzip all the files to another folder; running the program directly from the ZIP archive will result in the program failure.


This program is freeware. You can use free of charge, and you can distribute it to others free of charge.

If you find the program useful and would like to support me, please make a donation to me. You will find the instruction how to do so by the MuralPix, another freeware program made my me.

It is a Windows wallpaper changer and screensaver.

More about MuralPix on www.muralpix.com.